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Anschutz 9015 Striker Adjustment  


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2019-05-25 09:23:55  

See my previous post on issues that I have been experiencing with the new Anschutz 9015.  Basically, the velocity did not seem to be very stable. An example 15 shot string would give an average of 780.4 with an extreme spread of 48.1 and a standard deviation for the string of 12.2 fps.  In hopes of understanding more completely what the issue is I did a striker spring tension study.  I turned down the striker spring tension and shot a 10 shot string, turned the spring tension up 1/4 turn and shot another 10 shot string,  doing this for 7 strings.  The gun was refilled after string 4.  The pellets were JSB exact 4.53.

AV= average
SD = standard deviation
ES = extreme spread (difference between highest and lowest)

String 1:  AV= 724.9, SD=5.4, ES=20.3

1/4 turn of striker spring adjustment screw between each string

String 2: AV=766, SD=7.0, ES=22.6

String 3: AV=793, SD=11.3, ES=30.0

String 4: AV=781.9, SD=8.2, ES=24.8 (refill after string)

String 5: AV=857.8, SD=3.0, ES=8.1

String 6: AV=877, SD=4.5, ES=15.1

String 7: AV=889, SD=3.1, ES= 8.7


I thought the regulator might be bad. Evidently not so. I will next turn down the regulator and repeat the process.  Is this how one tunes a gun?


Tyler Patner
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2019-05-25 10:01:31  

You’re on the right track. And yes, turning down the reg is the next step. Sent you a PM with some more details, but sounds like you left your reg near or above the factory setting (100 bar) which is way too high for 12 fpe consistently with the increased volume. Turning it down will get you much more consistent results. 

Glad to see the reg is okay. 


Charlie Sierra
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2019-05-26 15:15:57  

So a couple things that make this useless

what was the fill pressure of the gun?

whats your reg pressure at?

what pressure was the gun at refill? 

With that gun, if you go off reg, when you fill you’d be smart to blow off a shot or two on the refill

post the actual shot strings

personally on each adjustment I’d dump a shot and I’d not turn down the reg at pressure. I’d dump the fill, turn the reg all the way down and work up, never work down  



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