Anschutz 220 lives ...

Anschutz 220 lives again!  


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2018-03-25 09:26:35  

With much thanks to fellow forum members my Annie lives to shoot again! Sincere thanks to Mr Ken Hatchett of the UK for remaking p/n 220-29 or item 12 and allowing this old girl to shoot. This has been a frustrating experience seeing as even item 12 alone would not complete the fix. The cocking arm would go back to cock the action but would not return forward.  A week of playing with it walking away and playing some more, and problems solved. The beartrap pawl had a burr and the return spring was locking it up. Once fixed all is well!

20180325 101444

20180325 101500

20180325 101453

Thanks to all that helped!


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2018-03-25 15:05:04  

 Thats good news.

 Love seeing any airgun rescued. Bet its a good shooter now!!!


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