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Airmax Pistol Shoulder Stock update: Admitting defeat. Altering my plan. PICS  


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2018-02-05 16:40:37  

As I approach my final dimensions while removing excess wood I'm confronted with the realization that I've committed an irreversible guffaw...

It's true. I botched it.  To be 100 percent truthful, I kinda' knew this was gonna' happen but I put the blinders on and plowed ahead with fingers crossed.

Allow me to attempt to describe my peril...

While inletting this pistols' grip / action housing I purposely removed more material than was necessary until the  action would drop into the stock. Then, I carefully covered the action with a release agent and employed a quality epoxy to pour a mold into the stock into which the action would fit like a hand in glove.   The plan went off without a hitch and the stock to gun mate up was and is, perfectly snug. However, while bringing the stock down to it's final dimensions tonight, I was compelled to remove enough wood that I exposed the epoxy beneath in several areas. On top of that, I have to confess another "repair" that I employed  earlier on in the project...

The chunk of walnut that I began with was  not exactly ideal. To be truthful, it was not adequate for the task. Firstly, no matter how I laid out the pattern I was gonna' end up with a small amount of sapwood in the finished product. Secondly, there was a weak streak of compromised heart wood running right up the center of the stock. But it was walnut and it was free so I threw caution to the wind and dove head first into the project....

Well, at one point after sawing out the rough pattern and hogging out the skelletonized look, I took the piece to a very aggressive, bench mounted belt sander and the coarse belt grabbed the wood and slammed it down onto the table. The force was enough to break the stock completely in half from grip to butt. After throwing a mild tantrum and several days of mild depression, I resorted to epoxying the stock back together and now that repair was rearing it's ugly head as well.

So it is with a heavy heart that I must resign myself to my only, visually appealing and inexpensive option for making this otherwise solidly constructed and ergonomically ideal apparatus......Bedliner coating!!!! It'll hide all of these sins and yet it'll still be appealing to the eye. I would've much preferred to keep the natural walnut and exotic wood grip cap but those flaws will always be blatant reminders to me of mistakes made.

On the plus side...This option will speed up the process somewhat. I'm hoping to be posting pics of the finished project this weekend.

Here are some pics of the areas that I feel need to be covered in bedliner compound. If you've got another idea for an inexpensive, finish option I'm all ears. I did consider a hydro dip but past experience with that process was borderline maddening!  What else ya' got???



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2018-02-05 16:52:07  

Personally I think the blacked out stock will look great. Don't be so hard on yourself.

Pretty amazing to take a block of wood and turn it into something very functional.

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2018-02-05 18:21:51  

was it a failure NO, you learned some lessons for the next time

and back would be a great option

now on glue when I started working with wood and glue back when I was ten now 67 this is the glue dad used for wood

it dries brown, it will be stronger then the surrounding wood and any squeeze out can be simply scraped of

so fill that stock, sand it smooth and show up what you have

the biggest problem with big chunks of wood is what you can't see

you haven't been defeated, you just changed your plans and we have all been there


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2018-02-06 14:35:02  

NOOOOOOOOO dont cover that wood in bedliner! It's just a couple places, call them battle scars, but dont cover that nice wood in TBL... you warked hard to get the grip cap on, the lines are nice and the wood is gorgeous


ITs not that bad--likely would never had noticed it if you hadnt pointed it out, and after some finish or body oils from your hands get built up no one but you will ever know.  Agree with the other posters, call it lessons learned, and shoot the thing. Adn do shoot it, you'll learn about where its shortcomings ergonomically are and Rev2.0 will be that much better in every regard. Awesome job!!

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2018-02-06 16:10:45  

You've got to have a few scraps left over....experiment on them with stain for the epoxy.  Odd stuff can work if the traditional methods fail (from brown marks-a-lot to Kiwi Liquid shoe polish)

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2018-02-07 07:45:58  

Sorry Dan & Ribbonstone,  I've already done the deed. The shoulder stock is now sporting a " Tactical Black, Space Age, Synthetic Textured Coating" aka Bedliner Paint. 

It's really not that bad. Kinda' grows on ya'. I'll try to get some pics up in a day or so. 

I considered attempting to stain or even brown paint the offending areas however I knew that I'd never be happy with the results and every time I picked up the gun my eye would go directly to those "mistakes". This way, it looks cool, functions well and those "mistakes" are hidden giving the impression that the project went off without a hitch. 🙂 Only myself and those following this thread will ever know what lies beneath that   " Tactical Black, Space Age, Synthetic Textured Coating"

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Just to show that I actually can produce quality work, here's a few pics of muzzlloading rifles that I built. All but the boxlock rifle sport stocks which were made by your's truly. This is why I couldn't bare to put up with having those goof ups visible on the Airmax stock.

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2018-02-07 10:46:15  


if what you want to accomplish with your stock ,is portability ,then ,take a look at this design ,then ,look the you tube video .

I think that is a very neat,and practical solution for those pistols .

Easy to attach,and remove,solid construction,and when attached in the backward position,you'll have a knee rest,and fore grip .

Now,the guy that makes these units is none other than Rapid 70 .

I've seen your post regarding your order for the Prod stock,and complaining about the lack of any answer from him .

Also,take a look at the p rod stock as well .

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2018-02-07 12:31:43  

Rami, that's a really cool design. I may have considered it if I'd known about it before beginning this project. The stock is finished now however so no need for me to keep looking. I'm happy with my end result even if it didn't work out as originally planned.

Thanks for the suggestion though. 

Hopefully Mr (not so "Rapid") 70 will come through for me soon 🙂 Looking forward to that project next.


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