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Airgun Technology (AGT) Uragan  


Citizen K
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2019-03-05 14:44:44  

To be revealed at IWA 2019; Airgun Technology (AGT) Uragan.

  • Specifications:

    Calibres: 4.5mm / 5.5mm / 6.35mm / 7.62mm
    Magazine capacity: 15 (4.5mm) / 12 (5.5mm) / 10 (6.35mm) / 9 (7.62mm)
    Barrel: CZ cold hammer forged
    Barrel length: 570mm
    Shrouded barrel
    1/2" UNF threaded for silencer
    Biathlon style cocking lever. Left/Right swappable with no special tools required.
    Stock: Plastic
    Adjustable buttpad
    Weaver scope rail
    Weaver accessories rail
    Manual safety
    Air cylinder capacity: 530 cc
    Overall length: 830mm
    Weight: 3.5kg

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2019-03-05 17:17:05  


C'mon..its almost a Colibri...Bottle gun?  Looks cool, although they lost me on the Biathalon style lever.  Tried the Biathalon style lever on a friend's gun,  much preferred the original Colibri's, but just my preference .(quicker, less moving parts,)

Reversible lever and big-bore offerings are nice touches.  Would like to know more about it.


well, hopefully you saw the Austin Powers movie.


IMG 3323

Citizen K
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2019-03-08 05:16:35  

Add a compact version to the Uragan line.

Barrel length: 360mm
OAL: 620mm
Weight: 2.9kg
Air cylinder capacity: 210cc

And a laminate version

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