Air Venturi TR5 6 p...

Air Venturi TR5 6 part test  


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2019-09-04 19:51:46  

Not impressed one bit. Seems like a cheap Chinese copy of an iconic airgun. 1-2" groups at 10 meters! Pellets falling out of the magazines! Come on Air Venturi where is the quality control? There are many better choices on the market for $129

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I admit, I was an "early adopter" for the TR5.  I have not experienced any of the magazine problems TG mentioned.  Mine shoots a very consistent 550 with 7.3 JSB Exacts.  I did the brass screw crown polish and a thorough bore cleaning, and am getting repeatable accuracy in the basement.  I have mounted a Hungarian polymer 10M rear sight and a hooded tapered post I found in my parts box on the front dovetails you find when you remove the factory plastic front sight.  It's no match for my steel-breech 61, but it does have an excellent trigger, and IMHO it's a real value at the price.  A fun cheap gun.  What's not to like?  At some point I may open it up to get rid of some of the buzz, but for now I'll just shoot it in the basement and let it get fully broken in.  It's not a REAL Izzy, but at the price point, it's not a failure.

There are pictures of the TR5 beside the IZH61 in a post below.


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