A new DIY toy  


Doug Wall
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2018-10-03 18:31:25  

Here's something that I've been playing with lately. It's a DIY bigbore, that uses a piloted QEV valve (you can look that up) instead of the usual hammer type valve. It's .410 bore, and does about 50 FPE on CO2, and about 60 FPE on 850 psi HPA. That's about 500, and 570 fps, respectively, with an 84 gr. projectile. Due to liability reasons, I won't be publishing any build details here. All of my components have a safety factor of about 3.


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2018-10-03 19:28:54  

Looks like a Wall-1 DWFT...HUNTER

or a Wall-1 Hunter

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2018-10-04 12:31:29  

Bet that would roll a possum or coon!

David Enoch


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