A brief history of ...

A brief history of my airgun books  


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A(nother) recent request for information motivated me to (finally) assemble a short history of my airgun books. I've always titled and sub-titled my books self-explanatory to the subject matters each addresses, but also to hint at my writing style that always emphasizes entertainment over technicality. 

My first book was The Manic Compressive- Fifteen Years Of Airgun Testing (copyright 1998). It contained 23 chapters of 'interesting' and inciteful airgun reading, production dating of Crosman, Benjamin and Sheridan airguns, and velocity testing of about 150 airguns of all types. Chapter titles included- QB Or Not QB?; Cool Custom Classics; Technoverdose; Layin’ ‘Em Low In Langtry; and Airin’ It Out. 

My second book was titled Airgun Hunting and Sport- Misadventures Of A Manic Compressive (copyright 2001). Again, some of the 22 chapter titles may best describe the contents- Methods To The Madness; Squirrel Stutzen-Fest; Magnum Air Pistols Of Yesteryear; Airgun Challenge “Down Mexico Way”; No Respect!, and Makin’ Bacon (possibly the first written record of hog hunting with modern airguns).

My third book, A Sporting Proposition (copyright 2003) included airgunning but was more specifically about hunting Texas by sporting means and with challenging weapons including handguns, air rifles, air pistols, archery and traditional archery equipment. Its 19 chapters included: Pistol-Packin’ Bike Hippie; Javelina Dreamin’; Bug Bitten Bowyer Bags Bowdacious Buck; and Stand Up And Shoot Like A Man!

The fourth book, AIrgun Chronicles- Thirty Years Of Airgun Testing And Competition (copyright 2013) contained not only 22 chapters of reading, but velocity testing of over 350 airguns of all types, and extreme accuracy testing of many. Chapters included: Accuracy- It’s All In Your Head!; Korean Heavy Hitters; Field Target Insights; Field Target Incites; Optical Delusions; Field Target Pistol Shoot-Out; and A Very Good Year (3 State Champion titles, 3 National Champion titles, and an airgunned wildcat in one year).

All my books except the latest, Custom, Classic And Otherwise Awesome Air Pistols! are now out of print and possibly available only in the used market. But since all were printed in extremely low quantities, they are seldom found.

That will also be the case when I run out of Custom, Classic And Otherwise Awesome Air Pistols! Chapter titles include: Airgun Zealot On The Loose!; Air Pistol Sights, Insights And Incites; Life Beyond Ten Meters; Precharged Pneumatic Pistol POWER; and Rimfire Versus Air Pistol Accuracy (to 50 yards!). Ordering and other information on Awesome Air Pistols! can be found in the classifieds section of this forum.

Anyone who has endured this far in this post now knows why my aliases include The Manic Compressive, Og, and That ****ing Ron Robinson!  😲 

Happy airgunning, Y’all!

K & R kids

"No brag; just fact."- Will Sonnett

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Wow sir, you must be one of the most knowledgeable guys in the sport right now . . All that first hand experience is impressive to say the least.. 

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Ron, it might be time to re print some of your older books.



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