6-24x50 Vortex Diam...

6-24x50 Vortex Diamondback Tactical FFP vs Bushnell Engage SFP 6-24x50  


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2019-04-06 14:24:39  

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I have both. The Bushnell is on my .25 Marauder and the Vortex on my AR15. The Bushnell has "better" turrets and 1/8 clicks. The Vortex has 1/4" clicks but the reticle has windage hold-offs the Bushnell does not.

I'd buy another Vortex before I'd buy another Bushnell because of the Vortex's FFP and windage hold-offs.

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They both are vastly different scopes and the Vortex Diamondback Tactical FFP were really cheap last summer but unfortuneately I wasn't one of the lucky ones who bought them for $250 when they had them on sale. I was suprised they are made in CHINA. Well, both of these scopes are made in CHINA. The Bushnell seems to have a more forgiving eyebox and a slightly sharper image at 24x while the Vortex has what appears to be a wider eyebox for less tunnel vision if you catch my drift.

The turrets on the Bushnell is pull up to click then press down to lock them in place while the Vortex just click away as is and that scope also includes a sunshade which the Bushnell does not.

I was REALLY suprised to find out that the $850-$950 Bushnell Forge scopes are made in CHINA too. But many of the expensive upper end ATHLON and Vortex scopes are made in CHINA too.

They both seem clearer than my AZTEC Emerald and MTC Viper Pro and HAWKE  Airmax and Sidewinder 30 scopes.

I try and make it a point not to buy expensive Chinese things if I can buy name brand or Japan or German or Austrian or USA made for a little more just for added piece of mind and can you imagine the mark up on Chinese made goods?

I personally can't fathom paying close to $1000 for a Chinese made scope since in many instances for $200-$300 or so extra buys the Japanese one of that same brand. I can imagine how cheap that relabeled Chinese scope really costs.

At least with Vortex and Bushnell, they both stand behind their branded products, even if they were made in CHINA.

I am on a quest to find what scopes that factory in the Phillipines make so I can try some out, they make the very expensive Burris scopes there. I have been very impressed with Filipino scopes over the years as a viable option too due to their very bright and clear glass and in the past, held up perfectly well on harsh springers too.





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