3 tune kit results ...

3 tune kit results for my .22 T01 RWS54 springer  


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2019-08-11 07:11:33  

Hi folks,

I bought a used TO1 .22 RWS54 (yes, it does feel recoiless) springer est. 10 or so years ago.  It likes 14.3 gr Crosman Premiers.   I live at about 35 feet elevation, on the West Coast.  First kit was a JM "GSI" kit which did an easy cocking, smooth and enjoyable 750 fps.   Later I put in a Vortek PG2 full power kit ($89 that uses a 0.128" closed end spring.  It gave me 815 fps, also with single digit extreme spread.   A couple days ago, I installed a custom Vortek PG2 kit with a special 0.130" open ends mainspring (Tom Gore custom built it for me) PG2 kit ($130).   It is giving me 860 fps with single digit extreme spread.  Feel is about the same as my 0.128" PG2 kit...smooth, enjoyable shooting.  Easiest cocking was the JM GSI kit, but for longer airgun distance ground squirrels in open terrain, I wanted somewhat more power.   BTW, the Vortek PG2 25mm kit in my .22 HW77(97)k is doing Wasp 14.5 gr round head pells at 674 fps with single digit extreme spread.  For some reason, my HW77/97k likes the English Wasp in 5.6mm (this is the successor of the old 5.6mm Eley Wasp round head lead pellets) better than any of my JSB's, Crosman or Beeman FTS (be it 5.53mm or even 5.55mm) pells.


p.p.s.  I call my HW77k a HW77/97k because the old 77 .22 barrel had that oversize bore that only likes oversize (5.6mm) British pellets.  So I got a new, tighter barrel HW97k action from Chambers in England....but the new, tighter barrel 97k action still liked 5.6mm Wasps or my 5.6mm Eley Wasps better than any other pell (chrony wise....642 fps with 5.55mm H&N FTT, 600 fps with Crosman Premiers, sub-600 with my 13.43 gr JSB domes).


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It's nice to hear that you're getting good results. For those who like to try the ARH/JM parts, there's even an additional option.  The ZRT Mag Kit usually does almost exactly the same power as the second PG2 kit you mention. However, it won't fit rifles with the T01 trigger.

Safe and Happy Shooting!

Ed, the Airgun TuneMeister



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