.25 AA S510 25 yard...

.25 AA S510 25 yard groups  


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2019-07-07 17:48:43  

Definitely some growing pains here.   First time shooting this rifle.  Vortex pellets grouped the best.  Due to some factors out of my control that I had to shoot this gun today or wait a few more months.  BKL 257's were not available, so I found some Beeman high mounts that were lapped by a transaction over a decade ago.  Used 7x on a Bushnell 3200 elite with a single shot tray.  Tightened all screws with an inch pound tork wrench to 55lbs., and went to work.  Pellets tested were:

1.  Milbro Rhino

2.  Beeman Ram Jet

3.  JSB Exact

4.  Hatsan Vortex

I found out that the high mounts maxed out the elevation, so I had to use lighter pellets.  The Ram Jet and Rhinos shot horribly.  The JSB shot the best, but around 1.5 inches too low.  So the best of the worst is what you see.  The gun is capable of much more, but these groups will get the job done in a pinch if a squirrel shows up.  In other words, I need to remount the scope with BKL 257s.

This and the Edgun were easy to pump with a Marauder hand pump.  Took 5-7 minutes. 


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IMG 20190707 130514

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