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177 vs 22 Weihrauch HW44 PCP Pistols tested  


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The Beeman P17 with cocking assist added to it is shown for size comparison.

Purchased the 177 first and enjoyed it so much I bought one in 22.

The 11fpe 177 has a consistent 26 shot string which is capable of repeatedly doing sub half inch groups at 50 yards using a rifle scope when shot off of a pistol vice/rest. The 15fpe 22 has a consistent 18 shot string and is capable of half inch groups at 50 yards when using a rifle scope and shot off of a pistol vice/rest.

These are the most consistently accurate 50 yard shooting PCP pistols I have ever shot which rivals a lot of PCP rifles and are very quiet with their included LDCs.

I don't like how fiddly they are when it comes time to changing out their magazines which some video reviewers had already mentioned and I didn't think it was that bad until I got my first one. It is definitely not a quick change set up.

I don't like the guns are made of some kind of heavy duty plastic (but are supposed to be ballistic polymer like GLOCKS) but still looks like plastic to me.

The triggers are fantastic out of the box. The manufacturer cautions you not to try to adjust the trigger but you don't need to and it feels perfect as it is.

I like the HW44s so much and was shocked by their accuracy being pistols, that I bought a 22 HW110 that has the same action but haven't gotten around to shooting it yet. I also have one in 177 coming soon. I am anxious to see if it can beat my 177 HW44 pistol at 50 yards. I bet Steve at AEAC would have gotten better 50 yard groups with the one he tested in 177 if he used a rifle scope instead.

I really thought that my modified Crosman 1701P (carbine) couldn't be beat at 50 yards.

If you have the means to buy I would highly recommend buying one in 177 caliber.

For the same money and if looking for one in 22 I would recommend the Ataman AP16 (which I have also shot) instead as an alternative since I have them all to compare but that will be another review after I get one in 177 caliber to do a head to head with my 22. A regulated P Rod with a Lothar Walther barrel would be a cheaper alternative too.

It is very difficult to miss anything you point at and it would definitely be the human element (and mother nature if windy) which would cause a miss.

It would be a waste to use these pistols with the factory open sights since they are far more capable of fantastic accuracy at 50 yards and even beyond that distance.

I think it would be perfect for Pistol FT shooting too.





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