1:18 .25 Sumatra ba...

1:18 .25 Sumatra barrels. What have you seen?  


James D.
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2018-12-19 08:48:45  

Ok, I've read reviews where older 33.95'S are amazing. That newer MKII'S are looser.

I've seen the 27g Benjamin Domed called amazing.

Then I've been told by previous owner rifles favorite item was discontinued 50 grain Air Venturi in blue plastic box. Mr. Hollow Point has a very similar slug. I want what's accurate but retained power would be great, even if only 6-12 shots when maxing it. 

MHP'S longer 55 grain spire looks great.  I'll mic a fired slug but if anyone knows ahead, should I have the slugs sized where between .25 & .254"? 

I'm also looking at lightweight pellets for light spring, TP restricted common shooting. 

The last thing is Sumatras have 1:18, not 1:16. How do you guys see it doing  at long distances be it pellets or slugs? I'd guess not so good with slugs past 100 if that.

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James D.
Joined: 12 months ago
Posts: 101
2019-01-25 20:14:07  

Dam I was wrong. Poured like Hades yesterday. Rain straight down. I picked spots and started shooting the 25.43's on low to mid power (adjustment wheel on 4-8) and had no problem hitting 1" targets at 150 yards.

Turned the power all the way up to 13th setting & fired the 33.95's Hit at 200 yards with a huge splash and 7 mil holdover.

I change my zero from 32-100 yards depending on what I'm shooting at. With a 75-100 yard zero, even the 25.43's on setting 4 hit at 150 yards unbelievably accurately, with a mild (to me) blast of air. In no way what would be called back yard friendly; but people shoot 50BMG to full auto in my neighborhood as all you need is a man made or natural berm. No restrictions at all, so they don't care how loud my air guns are.

From AZ Rapids, Daystars, Air Force, Evanix, all Crosman's. I have to say I prefer The Evanix & Sumatra the most. Ease of adjustability and the micro bore barrels are phenomenal. .25 caliber Diabolo pellets can have a skirt of .256, when blown out at a power consummate to sending a 25.43 JSB without tearing the skirt off, I'm really wondering if anyone has tried these in .257 barrels with ANY success at all. I know the head won't ride the L&G's but that skirt should. With The Diabolos self stabilizing properties, I think a low power setting out of a .257 could be within 2" at 50 yards.

There were two Sumatras, neither were choked. a .251" & a .253". I've shot .253 solid core soft lead 50 grain Air Venturi (discontinued) slugs out of this Sumatra anywhere from setting 8-13. It hits like a beast even at 200 yards throwing mud & dirt up. They chamber slightly tight as mine is a .251", thus possibly the reason of such dramatic spin drift. What's dead on at 200 yards with 33.95's, hits 4 mil-dots to the right at 200 with the .253" 50 grain slugs. No wind, no canting of rifle. Set up  to perfection of passing box test 100%. I use levels, gun vice, plumb bob, and if top of receiver & bottom of scope is flat, a stack of feeler gauges. I'm surprised how many 11mm rails aren't even true.

Anyone know the dimensions of 33.95's & 33.95 MKII's? I hear the MKII's heads are smaller, don't know if one has a better BC than the other. The listing of 12 shots on a 500cc Sumatra is Bull, unless you're firing solid slugs that can handle that power at setting 13 for everyone of those 12 shots. I easily get 30 shots on first red dot (4 or 5, depending on if you count bottomed out as #1, I don't so, #5) spitting the 25.43's at 32 yards with no significant POI change. Even at this low setting, the JSB's are flattening out. Going above this and hitting a 55 gallon drum lid (several stacked) will punch through it and fragment to tiny pieces. Amazing all around rifle for the price.



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