Took the Career for a squirrel hunt  


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2018-09-16 10:55:41  

I bought this gun this past spring and this is the first chance I had to take it hunting. It is set up to shoot the Crosman ultra mags at 900 fps and is topped with a UTG 3x9x32 scope. It makes a great combination as the scope is just the right size and plenty clear for small game hunting.
I arrived at the woods before day lite and took up a stand in a small hickory grove. It wasn't long after day lite arrived and I saw one in the tree tops. As I worked my way closer for a shot these two came running down the side of a big hickory chasing each other. They went back up and then came back down again. This time I was ready. The first one took a CPUM to the back of the head and the second one got one thru the lungs. Two down in about ten seconds. They were both big male gray squirrels. 
   Now back to my original one I was watching. After a few minutes he came running down and I blew the shot, missing him and hitting the tree. Off he went. A little while later I saw another one go up another hickory and start cutting. Then just like that he took off and was gone. I hadn't even moved from my original spot yet so I retrieved the two I shot and moved on. I did see a couple more and heard a couple barking but it started getting hot fast so I headed to the truck happy with the two I got.

IMG 20180916 29720

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You know, it happens.  Even the best shots can be lost on a simple head twitch by the critter.    

Your picture reminds me of a site dedicated to hunts by legendary airgunner Randy Gunn.  His pics and those who sent him pics would place the kills at the base of a tree.  I still love the composition.

Great hunt by the way



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Greetings randy you keep hunting squirrel

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Nice post, nice having a repeater when it counts, eh?

Never shot one of those Korean carbines, looks to be pretty handy.








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