Should I remove the pellets?  


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2018-12-27 14:28:24  

.... from the dead squirrels?  I want to prevent lead poisoning in the black & white cat and/or the fox that regularly takes them home - or somewhere.

Shooting JSB Diablo Exact domed .22 cal 14.x grain.  I used to shoot the heavier 15.x grain, seems they usually passed through.  However, I am now finding the pellet just under the hide opposite the entry wound.

Rifle is Crosman Nitro Venom.  Distance is usually about 60 feet.


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Frank in Fairfield
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2018-12-27 14:59:25  

I remove them when I am cleaning the squirrel as I don’t want to ingest more lead than what is already in the air/water...

Stay safe and free..

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2018-12-28 08:38:02  

The animals are unlikely to swallow the pellets, and if they do, the lead oxide on the surface will keep most of it from being absorbed on the way through their system, predators pass food through quickly. Birds get lead poisoning because the grit in their crop grinds off the lead oxide, so they get a relatively big dose if they eat a shotgun pellet ,and in heavily (shotgun) hunted areas, the mud where they forage holds a LOT of lead shot.

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2018-12-28 10:28:23  

I say remove the pellet. I have seen pellets deform and have fairly sharp edges after impact that may cause issues for whatever ends up eating it.

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