Hear ye hear ye..i have a dumb question.  


El pelletas
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2018-08-22 17:22:21  

It's 495fps at the muzzle enough for rats at 15 yards with a 7.3gr pellet? 

Land and Liberty.......

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2018-08-22 17:33:39  

At 10-15 yards, yes. But I'd find a pellet it likes at more like 7.5 to 8 grain. Carries more FPE to POI. My 760's I've collected and restored/upgraded have about 100FPE more than that on average. 4x32 scope and it should be a good combo. I just bought, at a friend's suggestion, a Winchester 4x32AO scope where the parallax can be adjusted down to 15ft! 


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