Come out and shoot in the weather! Who's afraid of a little wind? Concord, Ca  


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2018-10-05 12:11:31  

Our monthly Diablo Rod and Gun Club Air Gun Silhouette match is Oct. 7th, Sunday at 1:00 PM in Concord at the Action Pistol Range.

Come out and enjoy some Silhouette shooting. Weather will be windy and you'll know you've accomplished something if you knock over a ram or two!


We’re opening the range early at 11:00 AM for practice on Sunday. We welcome airguns up to & including .25 cal during the open practice, but not for competition.


During the match, Rifles are limited to 20 fpe or less and Short Range Target event shooters to 12 fpe or less.

Calibers permitted are .177, .20 and .22 only. No .25 caliber during the match

Lead pellets only. No BBs, darts or plastic tipped or metal coated pellets.


All spectators and shooters are required to wear safety glasses. Hearing protection is optional and recommended. 


Cost is $10.00 for members and $15.00 for Guests. Shooters under the age of 18 accompanied by an adult shoot free.


We typically run two Relay’s so you can shoot rifle in one relay and pistol or other rifle or pistol class in another. You can even shoot a re-fire, which is a second round of the same class. Our targets are custom built, one-of-a-kind string resettable silhouettes so the matches tend to go pretty quickly.


Have fun, keep your rifle and pistol shooting skills sharp with air gun silhouette. Hope to see you there for a great day of shooting. We even have loaner rifles!

All shooters must sign the USI liability waiver form located on line here prior to shooting a match at USI: 


It is free, signed on line and is a one time procedure. After signing the waiver, all shooters are required to obtain a USI "Blue Card" available free at the club house.


You must have your Blue card with you. USI is now charging a $5.00 replacement fee. I suggest you take a picture of it and store it in your mobile device. 

All FT and Air Gun Silhouette events are listed on the Diablo Rod and Gun Club calendar here: 



 Looking forward to seeing you there!




Martin O'Connor


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2018-10-09 22:50:11  

Sunday was a post apocalyptic scene from Mad Max- north of the range, a large fire started that pushed ash and smoke across the filed.  We were buffeted by 20 + mph hour winds that blew over benches and rocked our silhouette stands. The range flag snapped angrily overhead, but remarkably held together for the whole time.

Oddly, the sun shone and the temperature  was warm. Everyone shot well despite the conditions, but most everyone used the bench. Seeing as it was hard to stand erect, it just made sense to work the wind from the steadiest position possible!

[img] [/img]

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