CASA invites SoCal Airgunners to "Family Open House"July 29@....  


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2018-07-13 00:36:13 Angeles Shooting range at Sylmar,Ca.This CASA (EST.1984)airgun club expo giving the general Public an insight to today's deversified safe competitive airgunning from Field Target,bench rest,Silhouette and extreme(100meter +)airgunning.Casa range safety officers will be on-site,SEE Rare airguns on display,Airgun related equipment & ammo for sale.Try your shooting skills and Shoot at three airgun courses and Airgun experts on hand to answer all airgun questions.Come spend some time with sportsmen with mutual aigun interests this Sunday,July 29,2018.!!!Go to (SOCASA.ORG) SEE ALL YA'LL THEN!!!


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2018-07-17 14:25:13  

Did I hear there was some trading and selling maybe?

This is the 29th @ Angeles Shooting Range in Lake View Terrace, CA ?

I woulda shot better, If I hadn't missed so many.


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