AGW Airgun Calculators & Conversions



Yards ↔ Meters

←Yards: :Meters→

Feet/sec ↔ Meters/sec

←Fps: :Mps→

Grains ↔ Grams

←Grain: :Gram→

Inch ↔ mm

←Inch: :mm→

Foot-pound (ft.lbs) ↔ Joule

←Fpe: :Joule→

Energy (Metric) ↔ Joules (J)

M/sec: Gram: :Joule→

Energy (Imperial) ↔ Foot-pound (ft/lbs)

ft/sec: Grain: :ft/lbs→

Joules (J) ↔ M/sec

Joule: Gram: :M/sec→

Foot-pound (ft/lbs) ↔ fps

ft/lbs: Grain: :ft/sec→

Airgun Cylinder Fill Calculator

NOTE: All variables must be entered in order for the fill calculator to work properly. Scuba/Divers Cylinder Pressure must be greater than Airgun Fill Operating Pressure.

SCBA/Divers Cylinder Capacity:
Scuba/Divers Cylinder (Gauge) Pressure:
Airgun Fill Operating Pressure?
Airgun Cylinder Capacity:
Refill airgun when it reaches what pressure?
Approximate number of airgun refills: